Questioning social constructs

and unpicking my own constraints..

Nicole Wassall
My Tree Is Not Your Tree

Whilst gathering, discarding and reconstructing there is an opportunity to look again.

I had an ambition to use how we process information to shine a light on and better understand social constructs. It tied in with my interest in the tricks our brain plays on us, and the potential of how these shape us. It evolved into using insights from neuroscience and psychology, underpinned with intuition, into an increasingly interdisciplinary practice. However, what it’s revealed are my own biases, and the ambition is to unpick these.

I use traditional media and alter everyday or found objects, embedding them with human concerns. Whilst exploring these there is an implicit significance in evidence of the human touch.

The conservation of my work, from an artistic and environmental perspective, lends itself to using ‘traditional’ techniques in contemporary ways. As a form of experimentation I re-imagine a medium to serve the idea of ‘looking again’. For example, water gilding icon boards that are process art, metal stamping that is a ruse for a social experiment and video stories and poetry that have no beginning or end.

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