February 2023. Gaslighting Art curated online exhibition in arts publication focused on activism art

January 2022. Dwell Time Press Covid 19 Edition ‘Well, What did you expect?’ Award winning, not-for-profit arts publication reflecting on mental wellbeing

May 2021. Considering Art Podcast – Nicole Wassall, multi-media artist

British artist Nicole Wassall tells of how she gave up consultancy to realise her dream of becoming an artist, how her artistic approach has been inspired by neuroscientific research, her feelings of enlightenment when seeing certain works by Rothko and Bacon, how a “suffragette” coin inspired a feminist artwork and how a hidden camera above it provided surprising footage.

April 2021. Here & There Magazine Different Strokes (artwork also featured in their Instagram stories, both in April in relation to Different Strokes and in November in relation to Magic, Mischief & Mayhem with Rick Wester Fine Art)

28 April 2021. BRUZZ TV Expositie ‘Different Strokes’ zet vrouwelijke kunstenaars in de kijker (‘Different Strokes’ exhibition puts female artists in the spotlight)

April 2021. Marie Claire Brusselse kunstfestival Different Strokes staat in het teken van vrouwelijke artiesten (Brussels Art Festival Different Strokes is all about female artists)

November 2019. The World of Interiors (print) Spirit of Change, in Exhibition Diary, page 160

12 November 2019, Seb’s [Art List] Nicole Wassall Precious Mettle

4 November 2019, Seb’s [Art List] London Art Guide

27 October 2019, FAD (online) The top 7 art exhibitions to see in London in November

3 October 2019. London Live (TV broadcast) ‘Precious Mettle’ Exploring Emotional Strength

September and November 2019. London Visitors (print) Precious Mettle by British Artist Nicole Wassall, in Museums & Gallery section page 26 and 28 respectively 

26 September 2019. Considering Art (online) Nicole Wassall Precious Mettle

19 September 2019. Lux Life (online) Precious Mettle, a Unique Solo Exhibition by British Artist Nicole Wassall Opens at Contemporary London Gallery Fiumano Clase

17 September 2019. Arts & Collections (online) Nicole Wassall Exhibition Precious Mettle At Fiumano Clase by Chris Jenkins

Art Fair Reviews

Trebuchet Magazine, Art that Bends the Mind, by Crystal Bennett in response to London Art Fair

‘Investigative of futuristic themes, the fascinating work of multi-disciplinary artist Nicole Wassall examines the arena of neuroscience in relation to art. Her resulting images play on the processing powers of the mind by re-routing visual information received by the brain onto different and unexpected neural pathways. Often deceptively stark, Wassall’s work takes the act of looking at contemporary art to a new level of consciousness. See it to believe it.’ 2018

Arte por Excelencais, Un Oasis artistico en Pulse Miami Beach, by Toni Pineda in response to Pulse Miami

‘Nicole Wassall brings a drawing and an installation (to Miami), where her enormous artistic talent crosses the domains of the mind and intelligence and culture, to offer us far-reaching pieces. By masterfully intersecting figuration, conceptualism and that know-how she makes it clear there is an unlimited universe still to be seen in these artistic questions, when the artist knows perfectly what she is saying and combines it with everything learned, seen and studied. Intuition and surprise go hand in hand with Nicole, who works with various media such as sculpture, video, photography, drawing, engraving and installation.’ Text written by Toni Pinera in Spanish and translated by Google. 2017

The Stand, Meet the Artists (Art Central) In response to Art Central Hong Kong

‘Nicole Wassall is particularly cherished for her dreams.. Remembrance, captures the metamorphosis of the dreams that we have had for our lives that have not been forgotten, but as the plot of our life has changed with the passing of the day the shape of the memory changes. It contains all kinds of precious love and hate feelings, even more valuable than expensive jewellery.’ Translated by Google. 2018

Other press includes: Interview with Georgina Godwin Monocle Radio, Interview on Resonance FM, Discussed in BBC Radio interview with Lesley Joseph with special guest Jenny Eclair (Director of the East End Film Festival), GQ Magazine product placement, – But is it too shocking? By Alex Zagalsky, by Chris Mugan, Less common more sense, no 15 the uncensored issue featured artist.

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