Studio 2020

A year of online & postponed shows… (+ some unexpected collaboration)

Floating Narratives
Wariunpranili carrying the sun

Mobile as part of new collection Poetry in Emotion. This image is of Wariunpranili and links to the Dreamtime stories from the people of Northern Australia. It captures the feminine sun image, the reverse captures the masculine moon image. The second balancing disc is the opposite, with the moon as feminine and the sun as masculine, the second disc was made by Ines Mourato.

The Point of No Return

A continuation fo the Precious Mettle Collection

Once upon a time, and Now!

Studio 3 Gallery, Canterbury

Group show exploring feminism through Ancient Egyptian wisdom and Goddesses. Ancient artefacts exhibited alongside contemporary artworks.

Curated by:

Dilettante D’Antoni – Archaeologists & curator. Studied at University of Bologna and Sorbonne. Recently involved in the translation of Punic stela’s from Rijksmuseum Van Oudhedon. Currently working at Palazzo Medici Ricardo, Tutankhamun Exhibition .

Ines Mourato – Artist & curator. Studied MA curation at the University for the Creative Arts Canterbury. Recently involved in Future Foundry and Canterbury Festival.

Junwei Chen – Ceramicist and curator. Won the Design Award of Excellence from Shenzhen China.


From left to right Ana Maria Pacheco, Silvia Paci and Nicole Wassall

Artwork by Nicole Wassall, Mary Kelly, Nancy Spero, Ana Maria Pacheco. Ancient artefact statue of the goddess Isis, considered the wisest Egyptian god.

Poster & Catalog

Catalogue for show alongside poster. Text written about each artist by curators. In addition, I was commissioned to provide additional text about the show as a contributing artist, see below.

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